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High APY Staking
  • PIKA Rabbit provides an APY starting with 500% per years. Just stake $PIKA tokens on our dapp to enjoy passive income
PIKA tokens are lockable for a selectable locktime, with a maximum locktime of 1 year. By locking PIKA tokens in the staking contract, the user will receive a xPIKA balance. xPIKA tokens are not transferrable.
The height of the xPIKA balance is based on the amount of PIKA tokens locked, and the time left before the tokens unlock. The xPIKA balance is linearly decreasing since the time of lock. The PIKA tokens locked can not be withdrawn before the timelock has expired. However, it is possible to extend the timelock or increase the amount of staked PIKA tokens.
xPIKA token qualifies the user for fee distribution, voting rights and exclusive or early pool access.